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Hello! This is a collaborative encyclopedia about zaydenmYT, his series, and his friends. I now have 79 articles, 3 supporters, and 392 files! Let's all work together and make this Wiki protected! (Even I use this wiki for information I forget!)

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The world is a big place, but a small rock we live on. There are so many big things to do in life. It is very simple, just like the tests in life we have. Now, close your eyes. The world is much more simple than you think. Enjoy your life as it lasts, and never forget that you are loved by at least someone in the world, and you will eventually find them.

Never give up on anything, unless you really have to. Never quit, unless you really have to. When you give up and quit, always ask help for the solution. The solution can always be grabbed by your bare hands.


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Fun Fact

Did you know that Zay's Lectures in How to Stream 24/7/Changelog is the longest page that has the most data with over 5,309 bytes? hi

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